Charles S. Group June 2016

Brandon´s Group from TX: June 2015

Craig´s Group from CO August 2015

John´s May 2015 Trip

About Us


Currently on its 11th year of operation in Campeche City for guided baby and juvenile fishing trips on fly and light tackle in the mangrove and wetlands Reserve of los Petenes, Mexico. We have been featured in many publications and a few videos along the flyfishing world. We have explored the Scorpion atoll for five seasons and 2013 was the launching year for flyshop managers and a few anticipated clients. We have partnered with well-experienced captains and crew to accomplish these cruises to this magnificent atoll having primarily, safety in mind and as always, comfort and reliability for our clients.

After almost five years of long planning, lots of patience and proof-error marketing due to the general traveling adversities, we managed to put a regular complete packages  for avid  anglers willing to cast seldomly fished waters. The sample expertise is promisory. In trips of three and a half days,  six anglers landed a total of  116 bonefish, having a few over 25 inches long and 13.5 girth, averaging 19-20 inches,  enormous barracudas, blacktip and sand sharks, countless baby amberjacks, yellowtail snappers and bluerunners. We have spotted  schools of permit on the range of 10-15 pounds. Some other trip a tropical storm put our number in a half.

If you have fished with us before, you may know a few of our guides and we have added a couple more permit fanatic eyes from guides of ascencion bay to achieve the spooky tailing permit.

Feel free to contact us  by phone or e-mail and let us help you to plan your one-of-a-lifetime trip.


All our trips are driven by capable and professional personnel including boat Captain, 1st Mate and Well Expertised Fishing Guides. However, the wild nature always dictates different rules that commit us to anticipate the events. The safety equipment in all trips consist in: SPOT SATELLITE MESSENGER DEVICES, SATELLITE PHONE, FIRST AID KIT, LIFE VESTS, FIRE EXTINGUISHER, MARINE VHF RADIO, PORTABLE VHF WATERPROOF RADIOS, IN-LAND SUPPORT CONTACT PERSONNEL TO COORDINATE COMMUNICATIONS, EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION PROCEDURES, AGREEMENTS WITH ON-CAMP NAVY MEDICAL FIRST RESPONSE SERVICE AND LIGHTHOUSE SHORTWAVE RADIO.