Charles S. Group June 2016

Brandon´s Group from TX: June 2015

Craig´s Group from CO August 2015

John´s May 2015 Trip



There are  two preferred ways to get here. Our departing point is Merida, in the state of Yucatan.

HOME-CANCUN (CUN) - MERIDA (MID) (Most Airlines + ground private shuttle)
This is the cheapest way to get to Merida. Many airlines serving Cancun and very affordable rates and schedules makes this the first option. Once you clear immigration and customs, you will be met by one of our drivers at a given meeting point in one of the airport terminals. This meeting point will be agreed on a first come basis. Expect a three to three and a half hours drive in a A/C van/limo exclusively for you and the group. There are two toll booths and a service station on the road  if you need to stop for restroom or grab a munch. Same route on the way back to overnight before your flight.

HOME-HOUSTON (IAH) - MERIDA (MID) (United Airlines direct flight)
This route will definetly be the easiest as there  is no more drive time. You will be welcome at the airport by one of our representatives and taken to the hotel. This flight arrives normally between 9:00 and 10:00 pm and is served by United Airlines. Departures thru Merida leaves as early as 6:00 am and go through Houston Bush Int'l airport to connect to your home airport.


NOTE: The schedule and cruise time to the atoll can vary depending upon weather. There is no exact schedule but we will try to keep it close to what expressed here. Some people has said that planing an extra day in Merida or Cancun is not a bad idea giving a slack in the event of being delayed leaving the atoll or anythingelse occur that is out of our control.


All our trips are driven by capable and professional personnel including boat Captain, 1st Mate and Well Expertised Fishing Guides. However, the wild nature always dictates different rules that commit us to anticipate the events. The safety equipment in all trips consist in: SPOT SATELLITE MESSENGER DEVICES, SATELLITE PHONE, FIRST AID KIT, LIFE VESTS, FIRE EXTINGUISHER, MARINE VHF RADIO, PORTABLE VHF WATERPROOF RADIOS, IN-LAND SUPPORT CONTACT PERSONNEL TO COORDINATE COMMUNICATIONS, EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION PROCEDURES, AGREEMENTS WITH ON-CAMP NAVY MEDICAL FIRST RESPONSE SERVICE AND LIGHTHOUSE SHORTWAVE RADIO.