Charles S. Group June 2016

Brandon´s Group from TX: June 2015

Craig´s Group from CO August 2015

John´s May 2015 Trip



Clothe and Tackle

The only shade available in this trip is in the camp island shelter, trees and the t-top of the boat. Most days we are exposed to direct sunlight all day long. Wearing full protection is needed. We strongly suggest the use of long sleeve breathable fishing pants/shirts, facemask, hats, gloves,  saltwater wading shoes or boots specially resistant to coral bottoms, sunscreen lotion at least 50 FPS. Other items you can’t forget are a sleeping bag, extra pair of polarized glasses, personal care items, prescription medicines if needed, weather proof camera, passport, other valid Id such as drivers license.

Tackle up for shallows and a bit of wind. 8 WT or 9WT rods/lines will suit most of casting chances. Having a 10WT rigged is also a good decision as we know the big Permit and some Tarpon are around. Also the 10 wt will be very helpful when casting to large barracudas. Floating lines and perhaps a spool with an intermediate line will work as well. Fill up your reels with 200 yds of backing at least.

These fish have not been pressured at all so they are not leader shy for now. Either a 12 or 16 pound test leader for bones will work for permit and vice-versa. Sink tips would work in some areas where dropping a fly would produce some runners or snappers.

Bring your full set of pliers, line clippers, leaders, wire leader, knife, headlight, and if you want to bring some tying material, we will carry a vise for last minute  fly tying.

Fly selection will be emailed to you upon booking

Emergency Evacuation

It is very IMPORTANT that you understand that the only way of getting in and out of the atoll is by boat. There are no airways nor heliports nearby. Air space is restricted  over the islands and as far as we know, there is no possibility of landing a helicopter for evacuation. The closest point is the dock where we depart from.

Communications throughout the trip


Eventhough our boats rely on an accidents insurance policy, we encourage our clients to get a personal wide coverage medical and weather cancellation insurance policy to cover the unexpected. Our best intemptions for providing a pleasant trip to all of our clients could vanish by matter of nature or accidents and we want you to be prepared for that. 



All our trips are driven by capable and professional personnel including boat Captain, 1st Mate and Well Expertised Fishing Guides. However, the wild nature always dictates different rules that commit us to anticipate the events. The safety equipment in all trips consist in: SPOT SATELLITE MESSENGER DEVICES, SATELLITE PHONE, FIRST AID KIT, LIFE VESTS, FIRE EXTINGUISHER, MARINE VHF RADIO, PORTABLE VHF WATERPROOF RADIOS, IN-LAND SUPPORT CONTACT PERSONNEL TO COORDINATE COMMUNICATIONS, EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION PROCEDURES, AGREEMENTS WITH ON-CAMP NAVY MEDICAL FIRST RESPONSE SERVICE AND LIGHTHOUSE SHORTWAVE RADIO.